As school approaches

Hi! I am writing to update everyone on some tips and tricks when coming to see JoJo!!

With it getting so busy. Please if your person has any issue with waiting . Try to book at the beginning of the day. I will usually be about 5 min late but nothing crazy! Lol (ADHD).

I am very proud of the progress I have been seeing lately in the salon.

I think with more explanation from me about who I am and what I believe will help all of us have a better experience!

Number one! We harm no person where I am cutting hair.

Number two: Go with the flow let the person control the session and we will have an amazing experience!!


I know it’s hard to believe that this works but my method is something that I have developed over years of studying and research with autistic individuals all over the globe.

Thank you for trusting me!!

❤️, JoJo

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