More people than you think have sensory sensitivities.

It is super common to have some kind of sensory sensitivities. They go hand in hand with a number of conditions. Such as autism, sensory processing disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Just to name a few.

So that got me thinking. Why are so many of the places that we frequent not curbing the sensory output? Is it necessary for us to have the brightest lights at every store that we frequent? Is it needed to have the music blaring at different locations (convenience stores, clothing stores, and restaurants.) that have nothing to do with the music industry?

If inclusivity is what we desire. Why are so many of our population being ignored? Is it just the fact that people assume it is just a small portion of the community? Is it the fact that instead of saying that we cant handle the sensory output we just stay home and miss the event, order our groceries online, or go as far as to have to run home to use the restroom because of the ridiculous auto blow dryers, auto toilets, and so many more noises that make myself and my children want to never leave the house?

The statistics are changing so rapidly that anything I posted would be obsolete by the time that you read this. Everyday people are getting diagnosed with autism, spd, adhd, ptsd, and many other neuro-divergencies. Some people such as myself have gone our whole life just being told that we are weird and need to learn to deal with it. "The world is going to change for just you" I have been told more times than not. WHY? Why wouldn't the world change for "us" a large portion of the population that wants to be included and is just down right sick of not being included.

We get excluded for our "behaviors." For the way that a few weeks back on a regular trip to IKEA I went running up the stairs of the entrance to avoid the sound of someone whistling. YES, just whistling can set me off on occasion.

( I personally think the only person who likes the whistling is the one that is doing it but that is for another blog)

The answer I get often is wear headphones. Well when you are person with ptsd that can be difficult also. I can't wear headphones and cancel out noise because I don't feel safe if I can't hear my surroundings. So, my fight or flight is then at a heightened state causing more yet even more sensory sensitivity.

People with sensory sensitivities are a major percentage of the people that are making this world inclusive for everyone else. As they still continue to be excluded. They design, engineer, invent, and consider the needs of their fellow human being. While some of us are not even able to use a public restroom because there is no warning sign on the door

"auto-flushing toilet". (I can at least tell when its and auto flush but what about people who cant make that differentiation and boom it flushes while you are relieving yourself you jump up from the fear of the sound- the fear of being sucked down into the abyss- the fear that someone heard you have a "behavior" over the noise.) Now you are possibly covered in your own urine at best and guess what????? You are excluded yet again.

So, as I sit here wide awake because I moved into a home that has a train that goes by I dunno what feels like ALL THE TIME. I am curious what everyone else feels about this subject. If you have an opinion on this subject either from a personal experience or the experience of a loved one. Please take a moment to share it with me.

I want change and I don't think I am being unreasonable asking for such a thing.

Maybe I am and that's okay too. People ask for all kinds of things that seem odd to someone else. If everyone was the same what a boring world that would be.


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